Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Senior Class

The students of Westminster College had nicknames for each of the class levels. The Seniors were "The Managers", the juniors were "The Tankers". because there is no mention of other students in the yearbook, I must assume at this point (and yes, I am looking for verification) that this was a two-year college. I will

I also need to note at this time that one of the hometowns listed for many of the students is spelled "Cooledge", Texas. The correct spelling is Coolidge. According to texasescapes.com, "Like several Texas towns we could name, Coolidge was misspelled for awhile. It went by the name Cooledge for 27 years - from 1903 to 1930. President Calvin Coolidge was president from 1923 to 1929 - and seeing his name in print so often may have led someone to investigate." I will continue to refer to the town as it is spelled in the yearbook, for consistency's sake.

Let's begin with the seniors, or “The Managers”

William J Gillespie, from Cooledge, Texas

Hazel Cooper, from Dawson, Texas

Anna Blanche Ogilvie, from Cooledge, Texas

J. Howard Driver, from Cooledge, Texas

Aubrey Mason, from Delia, Texas

W. M. Bryant, from Mertens, Texas

Hollie F. Irvin, from Cale, Arkansas

Margaret Brummett, from Wortham, Texas

Gladys Lee, from Wortham, Texas

Evora Wofford, from Cooledge, Texas

Virgil Rogers, from Cooledge, Texas

Evelyn Bounds, from Tehuacana, Texas

Zora Hoover, from Tehuacana, Texas

Clyde E. Shelton, from Currie, Texas

Ruth Milburn, from Tehuacana, Texas

Una Vay Summers, from Wortham, Texas

Anna Mae Williams, from Mexia, Texas

Mildred Fannin, from Tehuacana, Texas

Virgil B. Moody, from Tehuacana, Texas


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